Surveyors Create Mountains of Space - STRATA PLANS

A plan for a Strata Title Scheme is prepared by a Registered Surveyor, under the Strata Schemes legislation, to designate areas or units for separate ownership within a building or group of buildings.  Generally the building’s common property and parcel of land are jointly owned by all separate title holders. Strata Title Schemes have been adapted by Surveyors over the years to cover townhouses, retirement villages, mixed use buildings, shopping centers and industrial complexes, as well as home unit buildings. Originally the Act was intended only for multi-storey home unit buildings, thus being strata or layers of units one on top of the other. Now it is not necessary for Strata Schemes to have an overlapping Strata as found in multi-storey buildings, and a Community Scheme or Stratum torrens subdivision may be better suited for this purpose. Tony Mexon & Associates Registered Land Surveyor can advise you on this.